One Earth So Green and Round
Songs of Nature

Produced by:
John Guth

Vocals by:
Lydia Adams Davis and Kathy Byers

Instrumentals and percussion by:
John Guth and Lydia Adams Davis

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One Earth So Green and Round
A 2012 Parents Choice Award winner

"Singer-Songwriters Lydia Adams Davis and Kathy Byers have collaborated on this excellent, beautifully honed and much welcomed album of original songs about nature, recycling, animal habitats, global warming, conservation and environmental awareness. Highlights include the sprightly "Shy Raccoon," the appropriately tropical and lyrically transformative "Chameleon," and the easy picking tale of the great northern environment "In Alaska." Elsewhere, we are treated to tales of the decidedly un-limbed "I Am Snake," the busy "Be a Bumble Bee," and the complexity of ecosystems in "Think About the Ocean." Other favorites include "We Study Frogs" which will be a welcomed song for any science teacher to learn, and the pressing question of "Why Do Turtles Cross the Road," answered in the song of the same name. The album closes with the lovely and spirited "Song of Life" which should become the theme song for every nature center and school. The CD comes in mostly paper packaging, with nature-themed illustrations, a full booklet of lyrics and credits.

– Lahri Bond, ©2012 Parents' Choice

Lahri Bond is a father, a writer, music historian and an art professor in Western Massachusetts. His published books include Spinning Tales Weaving Hope (with the Stories For World Change Network) for New Society Press and People of the Earth (coauthored with Ellen Evert Hopman) for Destiny Books.

One Earth So Green and Round

"Engaging, entertaining and educational original folk songs celebrating Nature and the myriad animals within – another nice tool for the classroom and a definite tagalong and sing-a-long for those long road trips!"

– John Wood, Musician and Kids Music Critic

One Earth So Green and Round

"It’s simply overflowing with wonderfully creative songs that teach children and remind adults about our precious environment and its diverse inhabitants with delightful music and lyrics.

The whole package is really terrific. The songs are cleverly crafted and the singing stands out above all! Given the musical quality combined with the subject matter."

– Ray Korona, Musician and Activist

One Earth So Green and Round

"This album is a huge hit with our four-year-old, and it's one of those rare kids' albums with music that is interesting and sophisticated enough for parents to enjoy too. The lyrics are informative, clever, and often quite funny. Great for kids interested in science and animals (especially reptiles)."

– Reviewer