Round the Campfire
Songs for the Scout in All of Us

New, digital-crisp vocals with clean, creative backrounds for entire family to enjoy. Lyric booklet included.

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Awards & Reviews

'Round the Campfire

All-Star Rating *** "Superior recording of a lovely voice with a lot of range. Folk songs have lots of heritage, texture and history. Imminently listenable and sing-along-able. Perfect for music programs in Scouts, schools or churches ­ or family singing in the car."

– KIDS FIRST!™ Adult Juror Comments

Loved the cannibal song and wanted to play it over and over, dancing and laughing. Liked songs with kids' voices. "Good variety." Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" was a big hit. "It's very patriotic." "I like the African beat of Kumbaya."

– KIDS FIRST!™ Kid Juror Comments

'Round the Campfire

Great for singing along! My three children (ages 7,5, and 3)and I love this CD! The songs are so much fun to sing along with. We always have it on in the car. Kathy has such a soothing quality to her voice, and the tunes are so "catchy" that you just can't help but sing!"

– A music fan from Chatham, NJ on

"SUCH A FUN CD!! The whimsical songs in Kathy's new CD will bring back parent's fond memories of campfires and s'mores, and will create warm memories for their kids. Kathy's voice and sing-along melodies make this CD a keeper for years to come."

– A music fan from Corte Madera, CA on

'Round the Campfire

"You can almost smell those marshmallows on the stick. Byers’ charm and mellifluous voice lead us down the trail and round the campfire for some timeless sing-along."

– John Wood,